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About us

Shanghai Jianmo Business Management Co., Ltd. is committed to providing comprehensive services for enterprise customers. Our services mainly include China and worldwide company registration, China visa, various licenses and permits handling and so on. Jianmo  upholds the following values: profession, integrity, efficiency and speed. We take the final needs of customers as our direction and provide customers with high quality services, so as to win the trust of customers.

»Our Credo: 

♦Be a moral person before we do anything.
♦Customer foremost.
♦Warm service.
♦Consider for customers' needs in all direction.

»Why choose us?

We can complete your entrustment within the time limit appointed by the government administration.

We don’t push services you won’t need and we certainly don’t attempt to encourage you to incorporate in cities that do not serve your best interests. We have the responsibility to cooperate with you and provide solutions to all kinds of problems you may encounter in the registration process.

We make it easy!
Our newly revamped order process makes placing an order fast and easy. No wasting your time with endless offerings. Get in, get out and get incorporated. We can guarantee the whole process is entrusted and our one-stop service can make what you need in place.

Our service never stops!
If you don’t succeed neither do we. We make sure to notify you of important dates regarding reporting requirements so that your company is always in compliance with the state. We make sure to retain electronic copies of your filed documents in case you ever need them. Our customer support staff is always here to help no matter how long ago you placed your order.