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Step 1: prepare the registration materials


1. Name of the company and alternative names (it is recommended that 3-4 characters of the font size is the best, and double names are more likely)


2. Id information of legal person, supervisor and all shareholders


3. Bank electronic U shield for legal person, supervisor and all shareholders


4. Registered capital and proportion of all shareholders


5. Registered address (specific to the number of a certain road, several units, several rooms)


6. Declare domicile information


7. Business scope of the company




Step 2: register the company's online name


Prepare at least 2-3 company names


If you apply for company name registration and submit your signature to dongguan industrial and commercial electronic registration platform, you can usually get the notice of name pre-approval in one minute.




Step 3: register the company and establish the enterprise


Check the name on the Internet through and get the name pre-approval notice can carry on the enterprise establishment registration, the establishment registration link is more important, because the company can successfully obtain the registration, so said to be careful to fill in and check the information, especially the scope of business and residence declaration this piece.(if there is no problem with the data and the signature is submitted, the business registration will be completed within 1-3 working days)




Step 4: register company to get license


There are two ways to obtain a license:


1. Mail collection


2. Window collection




Step 5: seal the company registration


Please follow the following procedures to carve and take the seal:


Seal: the handler shall provide the business license (or the enterprise social credit code), the seal code and the original of his/her valid identity certificate. The seal shop shall issue the receipt after checking and taking photos on the spot.


Take the seal: the person who takes the seal shall provide the password, receipt and the original of his/her valid identity certificate. The seal shop shall check and take the photo on the spot to take the seal.


Scope of valid identity documents: mainland residents are limited to second-generation resident identity CARDS or shenzhen residence permits, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents to use passports or return to their hometowns, foreigners to use passports.




Step 6: register a company to open a basic bank account


Basic account: it is the company must open, can transfer also can counter operation.


General account: can only transfer can not counter operation.


Opening a basic deposit account is a prerequisite for opening other bank settlement accounts.According to the regulation, a unit can choose only a bank to apply for opening a basic deposit account.


The basic deposit account is the host account for handling transfer settlement and cash receipt and payment. The daily fund receipt and payment of business activities and the withdrawal of salary, bonus and cash can be handled through this account.


To open a basic account, you need to provide the main information: a copy of the original business license, the id card of the legal representative, the id card of the undertaker, the official seal, the financial seal, the legal representative seal.




Step 7: register company state tax report


// filing of taxes //


According to the law of the People's Republic of China on the administration of tax collection


Tax registration shall be conducted within 30 days after the issuance of the business license


The current month, the next month to start the tax declaration


After the establishment of the company, it is generally required to report to the relevant tax authorities within 15 working days


The enterprise will affect the credit investigation of legal person and shareholder.Tax registration after the monthly need to account for tax returns (no income and expenses to return).Log in the real-name authentication account of guangdong electronic tax bureau, fill in the relevant information according to the steps and submit it for review.If the audit is approved, take the materials mentioned above to the tax bureau for collection, collect the CA used for tax declaration, and apply for the tax plate used for invoice. It is better to apply for the tax plate online, while there will be some unnecessary troubles in the offline application.If you fail, check the information and apply again.Once the tax registration is completed, the company should prepare the online tax return in the first half of the second month.Usually tax returns are filed last month the company should pay taxes.Therefore, after the company completes the verification tax category, do not forget to file tax returns in February, otherwise tax authorities will be punished for tax evasion.And be sure to finish it before the 15th.