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1. Save money


According to the financial system requirements, the general enterprise financial personnel set three, one cashier, two accountants.Entrust an accounting company to act after bookkeeping, the enterprise needs to set a cashier only, reduced two accountant, and the salary cost that the acting charge of accounting company often is less than a finance personnel.


2. Service major


Some units are often fined for violating financial and tax regulations.Bookkeeping agency companies generally have more understanding of fiscal and tax regulations, accounting personnel professional knowledge, rich experience, and can timely grasp the changes in relevant policies, and these are the general accounting can not do.


3. Security and confidentiality


Unit oneself seek accountant (include part-time accountant), if use person improperly, supervision is not strict, financial personnel is easy to collude with fraud, with the management secret that holds hostage, and the choice accountant company can protect the rights and interests of operator through agency contract, avoid the occurrence of this kind of phenomenon.


4. Policy requirements


With the development of market economy, the government is gradually standardizing the accounting of enterprises. Considering the characteristics of small enterprises, the government has formulated the accounting system for small enterprises. For enterprises that meet the requirements, no accounting institutions can be set up.


5. Business needs


In order to timely grasp the operating conditions of enterprises, to ensure the safety of funds, it is necessary for enterprises to regularly carry out accounting and inspection of accounting business.The accounting company can help the person in charge of the enterprise in the process of service, conduct relevant financial analysis on a regular basis, and provide business Suggestions for the enterprise, so as to help the enterprise achieve the maximum economic benefits under the premise of legal operation.