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A factory audit is an on-site evaluation of a factory. The objective of a factory audit is to verify whether a manufacturer is able to make a specific order as per your requirements.

Therefore, a factory audit usually focusses on one specific product (category). For example, if you want to produce e-bikes, and you found a manufacturer that produces both electric skateboards and electric bikes. Then the auditor will focus on evaluating the manufacturer’s capability and capacity to produce your particular order of e-bikes.

During a factory audit, the auditor (this could be you, a colleague or a third-party professional auditor) will travel to the factory. Upon arrival, the auditor will collect information about the factory and work through a checklist of items that the factory should comply with.

Typically, this checklist is based on international standards and requirements set by you, the client. In the end, all findings of the factory audit are documented in a report to provide a detailed overview of the manufacturers’ capacity and capabilities.