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Are you fit to run your own company? If so, what's the next step? To answer these two questions, you should have a holistic view of yourself.



1. Know yourself well

The first is their own mentality, want to get rich quickly through entrepreneurship is not suitable for entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship is a long-term process, eager for success, in order to make money and entrepreneurs are difficult to adhere to the most difficult time in the early stage of entrepreneurship, which has basically become a universal law of entrepreneurship failure.


Second, assess how much risk you can take.Entrepreneurship and risk always coexist, the enterprise success or failure in addition to human always have the opportunity to control.People who think they can only win, can't lose, can't start a business.


Finally, his strengths and weaknesses.'if you think you can do anything, you can do anything, then the problem is sure to come,' Mr. Ma said.Indeed, no one can be a master at starting a company.Jobs also had his technology partners.If you have the technology, you need partners who know how to market, who have the resources, and vice versa.


2. Find like-minded people to start a business together

Many small companies often make the mistake of starting a business before they have found the right match.


● a person started a business, such a failure rate of up to 99%;


● husband and wife friends start a business or two people start a business together, relatively good, but do not send what contradiction, otherwise it is difficult to mediate, only a point two.


● three or more people to start a business, but must design a reasonable equity mechanism, including the advance and retreat system, dividend agreement, let employees into shares, attract customers to share, let investment into shares.



3. Appropriate start-up capital

As for capital, I say appropriate startup capital because it requires the entrepreneur to balance the amount of capital he can afford, the value of his project, with the amount of venture capital he can find.


With the development of enterprises, the amount of venture capital obtained in the later period is not easy to estimate.