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11Tips about Shanghai company registration

1. Supervisor of foreign-funded enterprises
If there is a board of supervisors, there shall be at least three members of the board of supervisors. If there is no board of supervisors, a supervisor can be appointed.
Supervisors may be foreign individuals or mainland Chinese residents. When handling the registration of a foreign company, the identity certificate of the supervisor shall be submitted.
2. Shareholders of foreign-funded enterprises
The shareholders of a wholly foreign-owned company may be either foreign enterprises or foreign residents.
When a foreign capital company is registered, it shall submit and verify the identification of the shareholders. Foreign enterprises shall submit notarized certificates of legal business operations, and foreign individuals shall submit notarized passports.
3. Directors of foreign enterprises
When a foreign-capital company is established, it may or may not establish a board of directors. If there is no board of directors, an executive director shall be appointed. A director or executive director of a foreign capital company may either employ a mainland resident or appoint a foreign individual. When a foreign company is registered, the director shall provide proof of identity.
4. Registered capital of foreign-capital enterprises
If a foreign-funded company is registered in mainland China, the registered capital shall be actually contributed. The minimum amount of registered capital of a foreign-funded company may be specified in accordance with the new company law of the People's Republic of China and the regulations of all industries of foreign-funded companies.
The foreign investor shall transfer the registered capital into the foreign exchange account of the foreign capital company, hire a professional accounting firm to verify the capital, and issue the capital verification report.
5. Name of foreign enterprise
When foreign capital registers a company, want to undertake company name to approve above all, need to submit many company names to undertake checking a name.
 6. Registered address of the company
The registered address of the company must be the commercial office address, and the lease agreement, the copy of the property ownership certificate and the lease invoice must be provided.
7. Articles of association
When the company is established, it shall submit the articles of association to the industrial and commercial administration department, which shall determine the company's name, business scope, shareholders and proportion of capital contribution, registered capital, rights and obligations of shareholders, directors and supervisors.
8. Scope of business
When a foreign-capital company is registered, the scope of business must be made clear, and the scope of business in the future shall not exceed the scope of business of the company. The business scope should be no more than 100 words, including punctuation.
The registration of foreign companies in China is subject to the examination and approval system. Some industries, such as mining and retail, are restricted to foreign investors and require the examination and approval of the ministry of commerce.
9. Financial personnel
For tax registration, the company shall submit the information of a financial personnel, including a copy of identity certificate, a copy of the accountant's certificate and a photo.
10. Legal representative
A foreign-capital enterprise shall have a legal representative, who may be one of its shareholders or may be hired. The legal representative of a foreign-capital enterprise or a Sino-foreign joint venture may be a Chinese or a foreigner. When a foreign company is registered, it shall submit its legal representative's identity certificate and photo.
11. Feasibility study report
A foreign-funded company shall submit a feasibility study report for examination and approval.