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In everybody's cognition, the company supervisor is the position with lower sense of existence.Today I would like to share with you the responsibilities of supervisors in the company.

Supervisors of the board of supervisors and of companies without boards of supervisors shall exercise the following powers:


1. supervision


(1) check the company's financial affairs;


(2) to supervise the ACTS of directors and senior managers in performing the duties of the company, and to recommend the dismissal of directors and senior managers who violate laws, administrative regulations, the articles of association of the company or resolutions of the board of shareholders;


(3) when the behavior of the director or senior manager damages the interests of the company, the director or senior manager shall be required to correct the behavior;


(4) the supervisor may attend the meeting of the board of directors as non-voting observers and raise questions or Suggestions on matters decided by the board of directors.


(5) if abnormal business conditions of the company are found, investigation may be conducted;If necessary, an accounting firm may be hired to assist the company in its work at the company's expense.


2. The proposal right


The supervisor shall have the right to submit proposals to the shareholders' meeting.




3. The shareholders' meeting shall be convened and presided over


If the board of directors fails to perform its duties of convening and presiding over the shareholders' meeting as provided for in this law, it shall convene and preside over the shareholders' meeting.




4. Right to Sue


(1) bring lawsuits on behalf of the company against the directors and senior managers of the company;


(2) the supervisor shall have the right to Sue the court for confirmation that the resolutions of the board of shareholders or the general meeting of shareholders or the board of directors are invalid or untenable.




In addition, it must be added that the directors and senior managers of the company shall not concurrently serve as supervisors, but shareholders may serve as supervisors of the company.



From the scope of authority of the supervisor, it can be seen that the position of the supervisor plays an important role in solving the deadlock of the company and ensuring the normal operation of the company, especially in the convening and presiding power of the shareholders' meeting, as well as the right to bring lawsuits against the shareholders, directors or other senior managers who violate the law or infringe on the interests of the shareholders or the company.Therefore, we suggest that the partners as shareholders should actively exercise the right to appoint supervisors, and select people who can help the company operate legally and steadily as supervisors.The junior partner who is chosen to be the supervisor also takes on the responsibility of helping the company run smoothly.