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Huawei on weekday launched its artificial intelligence-backed cloud storage service in Brazil, as a part of its growth plans within the South yank country.
During a presentation in port, the CEO of Huawei Cloud Brazil, Qin Dan, spotlighted the service's blessings for shoppers and partners.
"We have the technology, experience, security and support thus our shoppers will remodel and expand their businesses. we tend to square measure here to supply them with solutions," said Qin.
Erik Schanz, the company's business development manager, aforementioned Huawei Cloud is about to vie in Brazil, Latin America's largest economy, with United States of America firms that give similar services, like Microsoft, Amazon and Google.
The Asian giant's technological capability has allowed it to develop its cloud services in eleven regions round the globe, as well as United Mexican States, Chile and currently Brazil, he said.
"We have positioned ourselves in Brazil, and in geographical area generally, to cater to all or any firms that square measure march towards digital transformation," aforementioned Schanz.
Huawei Cloud's hallmark has been the flexibility to good personalised storage systems through multitier design, hybrid clouds and native technical support that edges from world expertise, he said.
"Cloud computing is a necessary think about driving the digital transformation of firms," aforementioned Schanz.
"That's why we tend to square measure determined to pass around the Huawei Cloud conception as associate innovative platform which will, as a result, contribute to the country's economic development," he added.
In a statement, the corporate noted that "another vital advantage of Huawei Cloud is connected to the event in Brazil of 5G technology, whose main characteristics square measure its terribly high speed ... and high property."
According to Huawei, the cloud is capable of storing large amounts of massive knowledge, and with the addition of 5G is good for logistic applications, telemedicine, intelligent homes, and increased or computer game.
The company additionally conferred its Huawei Cloud Partner Network (HCPN), that has 291 partners in geographical area, as well as eighty in Brazil.