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According to statistics, every day about 15,000 people sign up to start a company in China.
Of these 15,000 households, 30 percent have not opened their doors to do business. A lot of people get off on the wrong foot, even for the future development buried big hidden trouble.
Before registering a company, we must understand relevant professional knowledge!
1.    Naming a company is more than just a fancy name
After deciding good name when the company, we must search on industrial and commercial enterprise credit network first, see whether already it was registered by others. If you want the company name and brand name to be consistent in the future, you must search the registration of domain name and trademark to see if it has been registered by others.
Once the company name is determined, do not change it easily. Because changing company name can involve the change of all sorts of matters such as registered trademark, domain name, copyright, business license, and it will cause unnecessary property loss.
The earlier the company is registered, the better
A lot of people think, when to register a company problem is not big, the company can run first, register slowly. In fact, once the team is stable, the company is registered as early as possible.
Because register only after the company, just can open a bank basic door, have basic door ability to be able to declare tax, without  tax kind you do not have method to declare dutiable goods. And after registering a company, the application that resembles trademark, patent.
Regarding the company registered capital, it is not the bigger, the better.
In 2014, the new company law changed the paid-in registration system of registered capital to the paid-in registration system and relaxed the requirements for registered capital registration. Subscription registration system does not need to occupy enterprise funds, can effectively improve the efficiency of capital operation, reduce enterprise costs.
Right now, a lot of people feel register capital to write a few more, anyway need not true capture, register 50 million, 100 million, still can show company actual strength is abundant, have face. Please note that subscription does not mean no payment! The company must see the money when liquidating. In case the company appears dispute in management process, caused lawsuit to compensate, the court is the capital that can chase after capture of you subscribe pay.
Aside from the above considerations, as a company owner, do you  think your problem is solved?