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With the development of social economy and the improvement of life, more and more people are registering companies and becoming their own bosses. Speaking of registered companies, you must have a registered address. General industrial and commercial bureau asks to register address is commercial use room, but commercial use room price to pass now, cannot find suitable for a time, thought of to register with his residence so, can that residence register a company?

According to the concerned regulation that registers a company, it is ok to register a company with residence. However, the sub-district office is required to issue a certificate of conversion from residential to commercial use of housing and do not disturb the residents. When registering a company, want to be able to issue these two proof only, that can register a company with residence.
Address is a company to consider an important issue, because address area issues directly related to the company's tax incentives, general taxpayer application policy and so on."Company law" also has clear provision, when the company is registered, must provide the address of legal and effective property right certificate.

1, the choice of address, the best choice to issue address rent invoice. Because the company's monthly site rent is also the cost of expenditure, or a large amount of expenses.

2, the best address is commercial office nature

3, there is no address temporarily can choose to use the address provided by the agency for registration. But must choose the regular reliable agent company!