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After the company is established, no matter you did not start business, tax bureau, industrial and commercial bureau thinks you have started, so you should have your own account book, and begin to fulfill "tax return" obligation.


The bookkeeping set up is not the current account that you record by yourself, the bookkeepiing that accords with a requirement however, attach the proof that accords with a regulation. Need professional accounting personnel to do, so many small and medium-sized enterprises do not want to ask the case of accounting, choose the agency bookkeeping company.


Bookkeeping and tax filing are two things, but related.The company should give you according to tax bureau check and ratify duty kind undertakes "declare" in the specified deadline.And declare tax and pay tax also is different, declared did not mean to have the tax that must pay necessarily.


Even if do not manage the company that also did not make out bill, also get declare dutiable goods, can choose at this moment "0 declare".But long-term non-filing would be included in "risk monitoring".


The kind of tax that a company involves does not have only one kind, common have value added tax, enterprise income tax, stamp duty to wait.In particular, the enterprise income tax, at the end of may every year, there is a "final settlement", which is not only an important process for the enterprise to calculate whether it made a profit in the previous year, but also the focus of the tax bureau's inspection.


After the replacement of business tax with VAT, the third phase of golden tax, and the upgrade of invoicing system, the tax authorities have conducted an unprecedented inspection on invoices, so bosses should not "buy invoices", let alone falsely write invoices.


So, it's not easy to register a company. In the face of various steps, not only we need to be careful, but also need to be  patient.