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Nowadays, many entrepreneurs want to start a company of my own, and accomplish big projects. However, business is very tough, and requires us to step by step. Every entrepreneurs and venture first need for company registration. The company registration process is very tedious, so what do entrepreneurs need to pay attention when registering a company needs to pay attention to what?

1. Choose the right company name

The company name is very important for a company, and it is the first impression of the public on the company, so it must be very careful. In order to be trendy and not repeat with others, some people will use a very complicated and difficult name list, which is not conducive to people's understanding and publicity. Company name can use simple atmosphere, words should not be too many, words should mean to understand, conducive to people's memory, but also to avoid the selection of misleading meaning, negative meaning of the name.

2. Choose the right organization

Generally the more common form of organization of the company is divided into three forms: sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. A sole proprietorship enterprise is a profit-making economic organization invested by a natural person and owned by the investor. A partnership enterprise is a form in which two or more natural persons sign a partnership agreement to jointly assume risks, share benefits and jointly operate. And company system enterprise points to by two or more investors (natural person or legal person) establish lawfully, and have independent legal person property, raise fund independently independent legal person enterprise. It is mainly divided into two forms: "limited company" and "joint stock limited company".

3. Determine the registered capital of the company

Now the company's registered capital can be paid-in and subscribed. However, after the actual payment can not secretly withdraw funds, otherwise it will bear legal responsibility. For start-up companies, the registered capital does not need to be too high, control in 100,000 to 1 million or so can. And the contributive form that company registers capital also is diversiform, basically have currency contributive or with intellectual property right, land use right contributive wait for a form contributive, specific contributive means entrepreneur can undertake communication affirmatory.

4. Confirm the registered address of the company

It is better for the registered address and business address of the company to be in the same place. If they are inconsistent in the early stage, it will be very difficult to modify them and put them in the same place in the later stage, because the tax payment will be involved.

Through the analysis of the above content, it is suggested that entrepreneurs should pay attention to the above four problems in the process of company registration, so as to avoid potential problems in the later stage and lay a good foundation for entrepreneurship.