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Is the business scope of China company registration the less, the better?
This statement is not very correct, less is no matter, the important thing is to write their own company's business scope, so as to avoid future business scope problems and need to change, as long as you write your future business scope.
Registered company business scope should note what
1. According to the actual business carried out by the company, fill it out truthfully, and write whatever business is operated;
2. If the company has the possibility to expand its business in the future, it can also write the business that may be carried out in the future and prepare for a rainy day;
3. Fill in the business scope of the company in a standardized way and use professional terms;
4. The company is not expected to be involved in the business, do not write, because some industries in some business scope can not enjoy tax incentives;
5. The operation of special industries, it is necessary to deal with the relevant qualifications before the business license, such as food sales, it is necessary to deal with the food circulation license.
6. The business scope of the company should not be written too detailed when it is filled in. It should make a classification and summary of the business of the company.
7. If you are worried that the company is not sure what business to operate in the future, you can only write the current business, because you can change the business scope of the company based on the development needs of the company in the future, but there is some trouble;
8. Some business scope, industrial and commercial bureau is not allowed to write, such as the current, industrial and commercial bureau is not allowed to appear in the scope of business education words;
9. If you really do not know how to write the scope of business can peer's scope of business for reference, or on the Internet search;
10. The company's business scope will affect the content of future invoicing. Items not included in the business scope are not allowed to appear in the invoice.