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The second China international import Expo kicked off in Shanghai on November 5.
The food and agricultural products pavilion is full of global cuisine, the medical equipment and medical care pavilion is full of human beings' exploration of life, the quality of life pavilion is full of all kinds of magic tools of "big imagination", and the service trade pavilion is full of "financial services" that we can't see and touch but actually support these trade operations.
African companies “walk in “
On November 5, Standard Bank, Africa's largest financial services organization, announced the launch of a new export initiative, the China-Africa export trade solution (ACEP), to address the challenges and help African exporters access the Chinese market.    
 In interviews with the financial times and other media, Dr. Manessah Alagbaoso, head of China-Africa integration at standard bank group, acknowledged that due to the size of the Chinese market, agricultural producers in Nigeria or Uganda often face financial constraints, language barriers and complex Chinese corporate culture. Standard bank, on the other hand, has extensive experience in promoting trade between China and Africa, ensuring that its clients have access to trusted market resources and access to financing and policy guidance when specific products are exported to China. 
Manessah Alagbaoso introduced to, in order to reveal ACEP potential and ability, standard bank, focusing on its operating area this year, in South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana exporters in six countries invited 91 customers to the mainstream of Chinese import trade show - China international import expo, also provide ACEP start with the background of the "perfect".    
China international import expo provides a unique opportunity for Chinese importers to communicate with exporters from other countries. Standard bank will work with industrial and commercial bank of China to introduce African clients to interested Chinese importers."This will be the prelude to promoting trade between China and Africa through ACEP."Manessah Alagbaoso said.       
Now, many small and medium-sized African enterprises choose to enter the Chinese market and set up foreign-funded Chinese companies. This fully proves that China warmly welcomes foreign enterprises to enter China. The process of registering a Chinese company has become simpler in recent years.