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The enterprise name applied for registration shall conform to the provisions of the provisions on the administration of enterprise name registration, the measures for the administration of enterprise name registration and the relevant laws and regulations, and the applied name shall be composed of administrative divisions, shop names, trades and organizational forms.
Basic rules for industrial and commercial name inspection :
(1) the name of a company in the same industry shall not be homonymic.

(2) name search is a name search in pairs, that is, more than two font size to separate the name search, if any two words can not be used, then the whole font can not be used.

Second, the company registered to get those information?
1) original and duplicate business license;
2) official seal, financial seal and corporate seal;
3) articles of association (original copy to be transferred to the industrial and commercial bureau)
Thirdly, register a company cent what type, how to distinguish?
For example, limited liability companies can be divided into two categories:
1. Service companies: such as consulting, intermediary, scientific and technological services, cultural exchange services, retail trade, etc.
2. Trading companies: such as product manufacturing, wholesale trade, group, etc.
Iv. Differences between individual industrial and commercial households and limited companies
The limited company shall assume liability for the debts of the company with all its assets, and the shareholders shall assume corresponding liabilities with their capital contribution. Individual industrial and commercial households shall assume unlimited liability for their debts. Individual industrial and commercial households do not have the legal personality. The limited company has the legal person qualification.
The paid-in registered capital is different from the subscribed capital
The term subscription has been used on a large scale into the company law after the amendment of the new company law. Before the company law was changed, it was difficult to set up a company. Not only there are requirements on the amount of registered capital, there are requirements on various aspects such as capital contribution form. It used to be paid-in capital, now it is paid-in capital, and this is one of the biggest reforms. But what is actually paid, what is subscribed?
Before the company law was changed in 2013.The registered capital for the company is to have a requirement, not only have lower limit on amount, also have strict requirement in the form. Requirement contributive person must be actual pay to capital on pay, just can undertake registering to industrial and commercial bureau. After the new company law came into effect, the requirements on the conditions for the establishment of the company were greatly relaxed.
Only a small number of industry companies registered also require registered capital, as well as the form of capital. The minimum registered capital of most companies in the industry is abolished, which is why we say a dollar can set up a company. And the form also is to must actually pay no longer but can explain oneself first however contributive how many, can register a company. Paid-in and paid-in are almost two opposite concepts.