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Because early stage registers a company to have a lot of it is chosen casually, had the ability to move company address again later, but, without permission move company registered address did not do change, can cause company address to differ.So the following, we will tell you about the company registration address anomaly will bring what impact.
The business license is abnormally revoked.
Abnormal address of the company will be included in the list of abnormal business operation by the industrial and commercial department, which is often referred to as "abnormal door". At the moment, the enterprise can only apply to remove the abnormal operation before it can continue to operate. If it fails to remove the abnormal operation within the specified time, the license will be revoked.
Ii. The operation of "runaway households" included in the tax bureau is restricted
In the era of industrial and commercial information sharing and tax information sharing, if the tax bureau finds that the tax registration address of the enterprise is different from that of the industrial and commercial registration and fails to apply for the change of the company's address on time, the tax bureau will judge the enterprise as a "runaway household". After enterprises are listed as "runaway households", their export tax rebate, input deduction and invoicing will be restricted by the system lock;
The company's tax credit rating will be rated D class corporate executives will also be blacklisted from applying for loans and pensions.
Due to the abnormal address of the company, the company has been listed in the abnormal list for three years. If the company fails to perform the publicity, it will be listed in the list of the most serious illegal enterprises and published.
Even after the exception is removed, the bad record of such a company cannot be deleted and will always follow the company, which will affect the company's image and reputation in the partner and hinder the company's later development.
Limited participation in government procurement and bidding
Enterprises whose operation involves government procurement or bidding shall not be allowed to participate in government procurement or bidding if they are included in the list of enterprises whose operation is abnormal or seriously illegal due to the abnormal address of the company.
It can be seen that, even if the company can still operate normally after the abnormal address, the late development of the enterprise has run into obstacles.
When the registered address of the enterprise is different from the actual operating address or cannot be contacted, which causes the listed company address to be abnormal, it must be removed on time.