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According to the introduction, the second Import Expo scale is larger. The exhibition area has been expanded twice and now exceeds 360,000 square meters. More than 500,000 buyers from more than 3,000 enterprises in 170 countries signed up, greatly surpassing the first session. Among them, 192 American enterprises participated in the exhibition, up 18% year-on-year, and the exhibition area reached 47,500 square meters, ranking the first.

Assistant minister of commerce: in terms of the number of exhibitors, American enterprises are not the largest, ranking the fifth, but the largest, which also shows that individual American enterprises occupy a relatively large area. At the same time, executives of many top 500 multinational companies in the United States personally led the team to attend the enterprise exhibition, which can demonstrate that the Chinese market and China's fair have great attraction to American enterprises.

Better quality, new products, new technologies emerge in an endless stream. The world's latest cancer drugs, the world's newest and shortest insulin injection needles, and the world's first construction waste crushing equipment, including processing center in Germany, wearable exoskeleton robot and a large number of high-quality products with national characteristics, will be on display in six days.

At the same time, the second fair for the first time set up a release platform, focusing on policy interpretation and political and business dialogue; The WTO, the United Nations and other international organizations will release a series of annual reports and research results. Participating companies can use this platform for global and Chinese debuts. In the expanded interaction area and experience area of the newly established outdoor space, we can learn more about new consumption, new products and new business forms.

During the exhibition, there will be more than 100 docking signing meetings and supply and demand meeting, providing more than 1,000 small and medium-sized enterprises with one-on-one business negotiation services.