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"The first exhibits for the Expo are on their way!" The first batch of exhibits from the second China international import expo set off on September 2 in Genoa, Italy, according to the China international import expo bureau. At the same time, exhibitors from Vanuatu and the Czech republic are also packing out their exhibits.
These exhibits, including cosmetics, crystals, health care products, specialty wines, coffee beans and so on, have been arriving in Shanghai. The exhibits from Italy are mainly cosmetics and health food, which need constant temperature transportation throughout the whole journey. For this purpose, the carrier also specially designed export declaration, door-to-door delivery, temporary storage, packing, shipping and other whole-process cold chain solutions.
The Expo will be held in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th this year. It is still composed of national comprehensive exhibition, enterprise business exhibition and Hongqiao international economic BBS. Countries invited to attend the national comprehensive exhibition will display their relevant information in the field of trade and investment. Business shows cover trade in goods and services. Hongqiao international economic BBS including the main BBS and 4 points BBS.
At present, the preparatory work is progressing smoothly and has achieved initial results.