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This is to increase customer trust problem. Registering a company is the first step in building customer trust


Registered companies have the following benefits:


1. In the name of the enterprise to do business, will certainly be much better than their own way of business.


2.It is not conducive to cooperation with large enterprises.


3. The efficiency is relatively low. For example, you are a person to do things quickly, or several for you or help you do things quickly?


4, is not conducive to the gathering of talent. You are an experience of some talent is not willing to do with you, someone else to a big company has a sound system, with insurance, you are an individual also have no way to pay so expensive talent costs.


5, loan is inconvenient. Individual loan should have asset or fund or guarantor ability loan. But to the company, want your company to have benefit only, have good credit, loan money should compare individual for convenient much.




In our country, want to be engaged in company management only, need to deal with business charter, register a company.If the business is small, you can apply for a business license for individual industrial and commercial households.It is regulated by law.


According to article 3 of the company law of the People's Republic of China, a company is an enterprise legal person with independent legal person property and legal person property rights.The company is liable for its debts with all its property.The shareholders of a limited liability company shall be liable to the company to the extent of their capital contributions;The shareholders of a joint stock limited company shall be liable to the company to the extent of the shares they subscribe for.


Of course, the company registration also need to pay attention to the following:


1, must have a fixed registered address.


2, handling materials must be true and accurate, in order to avoid unlimited liability, it is recommended that at least 2 shareholders partner to establish the company.


3. The total capital contribution of each shareholder shall be equal to the registered capital of the company.


4, registered capital for subscription system, only within the validity of the company to complete the capital verification can.


5. In the initial stage of establishment, the board of directors and board of supervisors may not be established.