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Composition of company name
1. Administrative divisions + font size + industry + organizational form
For example: Shanghai + xx + enterprise services + co., LTD
2. Name +(administrative division)+ industry + organizational form
Xx xx (Shanghai) enterprise service co., LTD
3. Name + industry +(administrative division)+ organizational form
Xx xx (Shanghai) co., LTD
Administrative division, shop name, industry, organizational form is the four elements of a company name, one can not be missing. The position can be adjusted to some extent within the scope stipulated by the state, but elements cannot be reduced or added.

Notice of company name
1. Administrative divisions
For example, if you are in Shanghai, you can choose Shanghai as your administrative division.
2, size,
The name is the body of a company name, is the soul, is where you can play, other elements are stipulated by the state, can not be arbitrarily changed. But need to pay attention to, the other people had applied for the trademark name can't use, within the same industry, with administrative areas, other companies have used can not use the font size, religious, harm the image of the state, against social public morality, and so on the words cannot be used, and also can't use some sensitive words, such as: countries, international, China, gold...
3. Industry norms
Can choose an industry only, cannot choose many industry, for example: culture spreads, environmental protection science and technology, network science and technology and so on, cannot call culture spreads network science and technology limited company. What you want to do can be reflected in the scope of business, the name only reflects one of your main business areas.
4. Organizational form
Common forms are limited company, limited liability company. Joint-stock company  is always factory, store, hall, center.