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Import and export trading company registration conditions are very simple, first of all, the need to register a company, in the company's business scope plus a "engaged in the import and export of goods and technology business", after the business license is issued, you can apply for import and export record.
The registered import and export trading company must meet certain conditions, such as the name of the enterprise has "import and export" words, then the registered capital should not be less than 1 million yuan. Nevertheless common trade company registers capital to be able to choose 100 thousand yuan, 500 thousand yuan or 1 million yuan.
Need to submit a lot of data when registering company of import and export trade, include company domicile, register of stockholder and stockholder contact phone number, contact address, articles of association of the company, stockholder individual data, the name that formulates to register a company to wait 5, specific material can consult industrial and commercial bureau.
Want to register company of import and export trade had better shareholder is engaged in the experience of this respect job, can develop business after registering a company, and the company is satisfied - the condition that decide can deal with exit drawback. Condition is registered capital exceeds 500 thousand yuan, and do actually: common area is bigger than 100 square metre, and applied for import and export authority.
General trading company registered in the form of a general is a limited liability company, is divided into joint-stock company and owned company, containing more than two shareholders and shareholders of the minimum registered capital of 30000 yuan, usually registered company of 100000, 500000 or 1 million, of course, the registered capital, the greater the influence on the company for the better. For the sole proprietorship company, the minimum registered capital is 100,000 yuan and one-time payment. For the difference between a wholly-owned company and a limited company and its payment system, please refer to "what is the difference between the registered capital subscription system and the paid-in capital system".