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When doing foreign trade to register import and export company, the company needs to confirm business scope.  What does that register import and export company business scope have? How to fill in? What should I do if I want to add import and export qualification to my registered business scope?
Small series summary import and export company business scope fill in the formula:
The scope of business of an import and export foreign trade company = the scope of business of an ordinary trading company + the import and export of goods and technologies/the import and export of all kinds of commodities and technologies (except those that are limited by the state or prohibited from import and export)
The business scope of trading companies includes the following 16 categories:
(1) inspection of quality, hygiene and safety of various import and export commodities (including sensory, physical, mechanical, chemical, biological and microbial inspection)
(2) quantity appraisal of various import and export commodities (including weighing by weighing machine, water gauge and volume), as well as quantity appraisal of the whole batch of goods and the goods in package (including number of pieces, length, area and volume, etc.).
(3) packaging, marking and identification of various import and export commodities.
(4) cargo load measurement of various import and export goods.
(5) hatchway inspection, monitoring unloading, loading damage assessment and damage assessment of imported goods of the ship carrying the imported goods.
(6) inspection of proper loading conditions, such as cleanliness, sanitation, tightness and refrigerating efficiency, etc. of the cabins, carriages and containers for export cargo carriage, as well as stowage identification and monitoring of loading.
(7) the average survey (cargo survey) after the declaration of general average on the carrying vessel carrying the import and export commodities.
(8) to provide pre-shipment inspection services for the countries concerned to implement a comprehensive supervision system on imported commodities.
(9) other inspection and appraisal businesses, such as property appraisal and evaluation, price comparison, verification and issuance of value certificates, sampling or sealing of goods samples, export complete sets of equipment from design review to supervision, export commodities from raw materials inspection to finished product acceptance and even pre-shipment inspection.
(10) inspection of imported commodities in the producing country or the place of shipment or inspection before shipment entrusted by foreign inspection agency.
(11) application services for security certification agents of various countries.
(12) technical consulting services for national safety certification.
(13) factory tracking inspection service entrusted by foreign certification authorities.
(14) product pre-inspection and other safety testing services entrusted by customers.
(15) undertake EMC test and issue CB test certificate and test report.
(16)ISO9000, QS9000 and ISO14000 quality system certification consulting services.
According to the type of import and export company (2 types), the business scope of the filling standard:
(1) foreign import and export company
Can span multiple industries (trade, services, consulting, etc.).Is there a description of the import and export business, or is it required to fill in a clear and detailed list of the import and export products you are engaged in? Such as arts and crafts, electronic products, cotton textiles import and export business, commission agents and related supporting services.
(2) domestic import and export companies (with import and export rights of domestic companies)
Engaged in the import and export of goods and technology business, the import and export product catalogue does not need to specify in detail.
How to fill in the business scope of change registration to increase import and export qualification?
Current policy wants the business scope that accords with a condition only, general company also can apply for import and export authority, need to do change only register to add on business license: "the import and export that is engaged in goods and technology business" these a few words are ok.
After change management only import and export business: before change column write original business scope, after change column write: manage the import and export of all kinds of goods and technology (do not add catalogue of import and export commodities separately), but the country limits the company to manage or prohibit the import and export of goods and technology except
Original business scope continue to do, improve export business: write the original business scope before the change column, write the column after the change column: the original business scope + business in the import and export of various commodities and technologies
Attachment: procedures for adding import and export qualification
Foreign trade operators shall be qualified for foreign trade only after receiving the record registration form from the local competent foreign trade department. Foreign trade dealers shall go through the necessary procedures for foreign trade business development at the local customs, inspection and quarantine, foreign exchange, taxation and other departments within 30 days by means of the registration form affixed with the seal of record registration.
Note: import and export trading companies must apply for VAT general taxpayer qualification in order to enjoy export tax rebate preferential policies.