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When you plan to register a company in China, do you know how to write the scope of business? There are also common misconceptions that you need to avoid!

1. Pay attention to the sequence of business scope

Some enterprises operate the business of two or more at the same time. At this time, the first business project in the enterprise must belong to the industry, and tax bureau inspection case index often reference industry level. Do not arrange the wrong order.

 2. Branch business scope cannot be casually written

When an enterprise establishes a branch company, its business scope shall not exceed the business scope of the head office because the branch company cannot independently bear civil liabilities. Therefore, the business scope of the branch company should be within the business scope of the head office.

However, if an enterprise establishes a subsidiary, the business scope does not need to be within the business scope of the head office. Since parent and subsidiary companies often provide services to each other, the parent company should expand its business scope, such as commercial services, and the subsidiary company should expand its business scope to provide services to the parent company.

3. Assessment collection is not considered

The newly established enterprise that intends to apply for verification collection shall avoid the business scope that is not allowed to be verified collection in its business scope.

Therefore, enterprises planning to check and ratify the collection should pay more attention to the review of business scope and avoid the type of tax collection that can not be checked and ratify as stipulated in the national tax letter.

The more business scope, the better.

As a result of the business beyond the scope of business can not be issued on their own invoice, to tax bureau agent invoice. In order to save trouble, the financial staff wrote down the business scope they could think of.


5.Business scope copy at will

The Internet often lists common business areas in various industries. Small make up proposal, this kind of thread looks at reference below ok, do not copy completely, even if be the enterprise of same industry, the side key of its management also has very big difference. Take value-added tax as an example, the tax rate of mixed sales is determined according to the main business. For the same mixed sales business, the corporate tax rate of different main businesses is different.

In determining the main business, business scope is also a reference, business scope should highlight the company's main business, to avoid more taxes.