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First of all, why are most companies called "XX limited" or "XX limited liability company"? Here limited liability, refers to the company's shareholders to assume limited liability for the company's debts, and the amount of liability is the registered capital of the company.
Theoretically, in addition to the legal registered capital is still implemented in the industry (such as banking, insurance, securities, financial leasing, construction, pawn, foreign investment, labor dispatch and other 14 categories of industries), the registered capital can be arbitrarily set. However, as an entrepreneur, you should have a more rigorous legal awareness. It is suggested to consider the following factors:
The threshold of registered company is lowered, therefore there is no need to hand in registered capital verification report
For example, when an Internet company applies for an ICP business license, the ICP business license requires the company to have a registered capital of more than 1 million yuan. Tmall and JD also put forward standards for merchants entering the platform: registered capital of more than 2 million.
The greater the registered capital, the greater the risk/responsibility
At the end of each year, the enterprise should press paid-in capital and capital reserve pay the stamp duty of 5.For example, the registered capital of a technology company is 1 million yuan, if the enterprise completes the actual payment, then the stamp duty of the enterprise will be 500 yuan.
To take an extreme example, in 2016, a company registered capital of 500 billion yuan, if completed in full payment, stamp duty will reach 2.5 billion yuan.
Therefore, the registered capital is not the bigger the better, most Internet entrepreneurs take the path of equity financing, the most important is equity proportion, rather than registered capital. According to their actual situation, set a reasonable registered capital, is the most rational choice.
How does registered capital affirm already paid
Before in actual pay when making, register capital to need to check capital report. There is no need in most cases now, only some bidding projects or relatively large partners, in order to confirm that the registered capital of the cooperative company has been fully paid, the cooperative company needs to issue a capital verification report.
Can the registered capital be used?
Registered capital is the company's money, which the company can spend. General application in the following aspects: daily operation, pay staff wages, purchase, purchase office supplies.
But, registered capital cannot spend at will give individual use, if need gives individual hit money, must have corresponding bill reimbursement, or go the form such as cost of salary, labor service, bonus.

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