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What is virtual address in  China company registration?

When a company is established, it needs a registered address. What is the address registered on the company's business license. The requirement that registered address to different area of the company is different. Specific requirements should be in accordance with requirement of bureau of local industry and commerce.
Can companies register with virtual addresses? What if the address is abnormal after registration?
The above questions, presumably many entrepreneurs are concerned about the issue. Next, we for the company registered address related matters to give you a detailed answer.
What is a virtual registration address? What are the pros and cons of registering with a virtual address?
A virtual address is an address provided by a third party, which may or may not exist. The business ground of company later period can oneself origin decides, but declare dutiable tax is the area that falls to register in virtual address.
So, are virtual addresses legal? It is legal of course, because virtual address is specially approved. The purpose is to support the rise of small and medium-sized enterprise and development. And the company that registers with virtual address now has a lot of, some area advantages. A virtual address still can enjoy the tax rebate of different level. Although virtual registration is good, not all types of companies can conduct virtual address registration. For example, some incubators are only available to small, medium and micro enterprises in the start-up stage of technology, cultural and creative industries and related industries. And using virtual address registration will also face the risk of not being able to sign up for legal documents, easy to address abnormal risk.
What do we usually call "one address and  multiple access"?
"One address and multiple addresses" means that one business license can register multiple business premises and only one administrative license is required. That is to say, enterprises with this pilot qualification do not need to apply for branch office business license again when registering other business places in Shanghai, which greatly saves the manpower and time cost for the expansion of enterprise network, and provides strong support for the scale expansion and efficient management of enterprises. It should be noted that the domicile and business premises of enterprises must be in the same county (city, district) to apply for the "one license multiple sites" business license.
The office address has changed, does the company business license address need to be changed?
If the company is registered in the field, then the office address changes, it is necessary to change the business license address. It should be noted that after the company's address change, it also needs to make industrial and commercial changes (some areas need to provide housing code to submit the application for change), tax changes and bank changes.
What if the company address is abnormal?
Why is the company address unusual? The industrial and commercial department sends letters or calls to the registration place regularly, but no one receives the letters or answers them for many times; Or feel that the company's address is at risk, go on a field trip and discover that there is no such number, or that the office exists but is already empty. All of the above situations may cause abnormal company address.
To remove exceptions, there are generally two ways:

  1. Request original address unlocking exception. This applies to companies working at the same address. However, if you want to apply for unlocking the original address, you need to provide the site use certificate, or red copy lease certificate or property right certificate (one of the three can be enough) that is handled in the name of legal person or company and consistent with this address.
  1. Change a new address. If you are no longer working or operating at the same address, you can apply for a change to the new address. After the change, you can apply for removing the abnormal business directory.