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 SHANGHAI - The consumption in Shanghai reached 25.3 billion yuan ($3.5 billion) during the National Day holiday, a year-on-year increase of 10.2 percent, according to Shanghai municipal commission of commerce.
A total of 24.6 million purchases were made from Sept 30 to Oct 6 in Shanghai, up 6.2 percent, official data showed Monday.
During the holiday, tourists made 8.8 million purchases and spent 9.2 billion yuan in Shanghai, accounting for 36.4 percent of the consumption in the city.
The above figures show that Shanghai's economy is developing rapidly. Many overseas visitors want to invest in Shanghai, own their own industries and set up their own companies. So what are the steps and documents required to set up a Chinese company?
1.  Apply for company name
2. Provide legal documents for registration
3. Confirm all documentations from the government
4.  Acquire License and ratify tax
5. Make company stamps
6. Open company bank account
Required documents:
1.At least five alternative names for new company
2.The business scope of the new company
3.Scanned copy of legal representative, supervisor and all shareholders’ passports(Each page should be clearly identifiable, including the most recent entry and exit record page) (Original or translated version might need to be submitted afterward if required)
4.Copy of legal representative, supervisor and all shareholders’ business cards(Information including : office number, mobile phone number ,e-mail)
5.Shareholding ratio and shareholding structure chart
If registered by a incorporated unit, the following additional documents are need to be provided
6. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
7. Copy of Notarized & Certified Certificate of Incorporation by relevant authorities
8.Copy of the notarised and legalised Bank Credibility Letter and bank flow statement of the current company
9.Other relevant materials for the company registration of particular field
*** All documents should be translated into Chinese and authenticated by the translation institution