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After registering a company in China, maintaining the company becomes the most important thing. The company did not maintain good, let alone make money, minute is losing money rhythm. So after the company is registered, how to maintain a good company? You have to understand about finance and accounting and tax declaration of these issues.
Charge to an account declare dutiable goods, after the company is established, no matter classics do not manage, earn did not make money, want to begin charge to an account and fulfill  "pay tax to declare" obligation.

Company bookkeeping needs professional accountant to do it. It cannot be the running account that oneself remember casually. And you should attach the relevant certificate that accords with the regulation.

Company declares dutiable goods, even if the company does not manage, also did not make an invoice, Those who did not manage the company and did not make an invoice can apply for "zero declaration", but we should pay attention that we cannot do long-term zero declaration. Because it can be included "risk monitoring".

Tax authorities are quite strict in their inspection of taxation and invoices. So  no one is allowed to pay tax less and make false invoice, purchase invoice and other behavior.