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China company registration is not only just received the business license, all registered companies are now 5 card one unity, business license and tax registration certificate are incorporated into the business license, so the company need not special taxation registration with the tax authority, but also need to get the business license need to report to revenue, after confirmation of taxes and all kinds of information of the company.
A lot of new entrepreneurs are confused when just registering a company, especially for tax aspects. They always do not know how to deal with the tax report.
Today, we will introduce some procedures and matters needing attention in the report about company registration and taxation:
1. The company shall conduct tax report within 15 days after receiving the business license. In the process of tax report, we need to take certain tax types and company information to supplement. After the tax report, the enterprise needs to set up accounting books. According to the regulations, the enterprise must have a professional accountant to make accounts for the enterprise according to the original vouchers. Hiring a full-time accountant may be too expensive for some businesses.
This time we can consider the agency bookkeeping, so a month only need a few hundred dollars can fix the company tax problems, usually when tax problems appears, you can also directly contact bookkeeping agency or agent.
2. Declare dutiable goods is also necessary according to relevant laws and regulations: after business license is approved, the enterprise must declare the management circumstance of the enterprise to revenue every month. Whether there is no money, no matter there is no business, according to the operation of the account and books to the tax bureau, you should do tax declaration.
If the company does not have sales, operation and cost in the current period, it can apply for zero declaration. Please note that zero declaration is not to report, but to pay zero tax. However, zero declaration cannot be made for a long time.
3. Do not declare tax without the provisions of the tax bureau time limit tax return, the circumstances are relatively minor, in addition to the supplementary payment of tax, tax authorities will be imposed on enterprises with a monthly fine of more than 200 RMB
If the delay is longer, a late fee will be added, and if the circumstances are serious, the tax authorities will impose a higher fine.
Whether the company tax is clear, pay on time, normal tax declaration is very important, if there are omissions, less payment will damage the reputation of the company.
At the same time, we can provide high-quality bookkeeping services, formal bookkeeping qualification and bookkeeping equipment to ensure the bookkeeping process safe and reliable!
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