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With the development of economy, more and more people join the team of starting a business. So what do you do before you start a business? How do you prepare in the early stage of entrepreneurship?

A psychological preparation

Starting a business means taking risks. You need to establish your risk tolerance. If you can't accept the various negative effects of starting a business, it is better to work under enough preparation.

Can you accept the days when there may be no income or low income in the long term?

Are you able to stick with the difficulties in starting a business in China for a long time?

In the face of family, friends do not understand, whether you can withstand the people around different eyes?

Can you bear the pain of getting up early and staying in the dark without time to accompany your partner, children and parents?

Can you handle working more than ten hours a day with no weekends, no holidays?

Knowing who you are and what you can and can't do can greatly increase your success rate.

2. Resource integration

Take stock of the resources you need to start a business. What resources do you have and what are your strengths?

If you don't have what you need to start a business, you need to start accumulating it, or you need to get it through collaboration and resource integration.

3. Study peers, explore rules and summarize routines

Encounter problems to find peers, see how they solve, peer is our best teacher. The feasibility of many methods has been proven for us.

When you start a business, you think it's a great idea. Maybe many of your peers have tried it, but maybe they just don't have the chance and give up.

4.Do user analysis

Figure out who your real users are, what they like and where they are. How to attract them.

Figure out the user's profile, age, education level, location, etc., all of which will help guide your subsequent operations.

5. Figure out an exit route

Don't just blindly foolish, and regardless of the consequences. Entrepreneurship is a probability game, do a good plan at the same time, leave a retreat, at least let your next life has a certain guarantee, so that you will have the opportunity to stage a comeback.

6. Industry analysis

You should at least have a general sense of the industry you want to start, and a sense of where it's going.

Preparation before starting a business is very important for starting a business. You need to think about whether the industry is on the rise or the decline. Research industry data, industry reports, at the same time, find a few industry experts, consult experience, this is also our analysis of the industry prerequisite.

Starting a business requires a lot of effort. Don't just look at the shiny appearance of successful people.
If you want to start a business in a certain industry, it is better to work for a period of time in a company with a good business development in the industry, to get a general understanding of the operation process, promotion and profit model.
The accumulation of experience, contacts and knowledge in the early stage of starting a business will also help you to pay less "tuition fee" in the process of starting a business and greatly improve the success rate of your subsequent business.