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The 26th global financial centres index (GFCI 26) was released by Z/Yen, a British think-tank. Despite being ranked fifth for the third time in a row, Shanghai is closing the gap with the top four financial centres.
According to its website, the GFCI index is jointly compiled by UK think tank Z/Yen group and China (Shenzhen) institute of comprehensive development. Updates are released each year in March and September. Major financial centers in the world are evaluated and ranked in terms of business environment, human resources, infrastructure, development level and international reputation. There are 104 financial centres in the global financial centres index. The top 10 financial centers in the world are: New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai, Shenzhen and Sydney.
The order of the top five did not change from the previous ranking. But the scores were down by different degrees from the previous issue, with London and Hong Kong down 14 points and 12 points respectively, widening the gap with New York, which ranked first.
Shanghai has been ranked fifth for three consecutive times, while narrowing the gap with the fourth city. On the one hand, it benefited from the improvement of the country's financial opening to the outside world. In particular, the country's financial opening up policy has been accelerated since last year. Shanghai took the opportunity to promote a new round of higher level financial opening up. On the other hand, it also benefits from the continuous optimization of Shanghai's business environment. In this index, Shanghai ranks seventh in the world in terms of business environment.

At the same time, Shanghai's financial opening is still deepening, in attracting foreign investment in the field of action. We welcome investors from all over the world to enter the Shanghai market and register a company in Shanghai