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What is import&export license in China?
An import&export license is a certificate issued to an importer or exporter allowing the import or export of commodities. The import and export of commodities can only be concluded after applying for a license. Without a license, import or export is prohibited.
So, what process does the import and export license need? What are the application requirements?
What is import&export right?
Import and export right is the qualification of import and export enterprises to carry out business by themselves. It means that the enterprises have the right to import and export by themselves only after they get the approval from the relevant departments such as the bureau of commerce, the customs, inspection and quarantine, the administration of foreign exchange, and get the certificates from these departments.

What are the requirements for an import/export right?
 State-owned enterprises, private enterprises, domestic companies, newly established companies and sole proprietorship enterprises all have right to handle an import&export license.

 What are the advantages of obtaining import and export rights?

  1. Directly sign contracts with foreign countries and reduce intermediate agencies.
  2. Having the right to receive and pay foreign exchange.
  3. Save agent process and save cost.
  4. The company can enjoy export tax rebate and obtain excess profits
Q: what materials should be prepared for an import/export license application?
A: Original business license, copy of organization code certificate, copy of national and local tax, copy of ID card of legal representative, copy of bank account opening approval notice, copy of id card of financial personnel, etc.

Q: How long does it take to get the import and export license?
A: If the application enterprise business license does not have import and export qualifications, the total process will take about 15 days.

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