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Trademark is the symbol of an enterprise and also reflects the culture of an enterprise. It represents the image of an enterprise. The trademarks can make your business reputation, corporate image to be protected.

Trademark is the symbol of an enterprise and also reflects the culture of an enterprise. It represents the image of an enterprise. The trademarks can make your business reputation, corporate image to be protected. Trademark and brand are also the important intangible assets of enterprises. And to build a brand must first register a trademark, because only registered trademark can be better protected by law. Then you get the exclusive right to use the trademark.
In daily life, no matter what product we buy, we will find that the product has its own trademark. Even if it is the same type of products, because the manufacturers are different, the products produced are not the same. If there is no trademark, the good products produced by the enterprise are easy to be misappropriated, thus damaging the interests of their own enterprises. The so-called trademark refers to the brand of the goods, the face of the enterprise, so the trademark plays a great role relative to the enterprise. A trademark is composed of text or graphics or a combination of text and graphics.
The term "trademark registration" mainly refers to the legal fact that the user of a trademark files an application for registration with the State Trademark Authority in accordance with the conditions and procedures prescribed by law for the use of the trademark, and that the state trademark authority examines the application according to law and approves the registration. In China, trademark registration is the premise for trademark to be protected by law and the legal basis for determining the exclusive right of trademark. Once the trademark user is granted trademark registration, it marks that it has obtained the exclusive right to use the business, and is protected by law.
Without trademark registration of the enterprise, the sign also can be used by others, that is to say, you cannot enjoy the exclusive right to use, so that if other products appear problems, it will also affect their products for sale, or even possible, it is not their products, but have to claim the loss of consumers, to some extent this harm the interests of their own, but also let the consumer lower evaluation of the quality of their products and prestige. Secondly, if the trademark is not registered, once others register the trademark in advance, the first user of the trademark may not use the trademark again.
What are the advantages of trademark registration?
1. Enterprises can distinguish their commodities from those of others through trademarks, so as to facilitate consumers to choose and buy in the market. After consumers are familiar with the trademark, they can know by the trademark which enterprise the product is produced by; The product quality of this brand is good, consumers will continue to buy, otherwise they will choose other brands. Registering a trademark prevents or prevents others from registering the same or potentially confusing trademark in your particular class of goods or services.
2. As the intellectual property of enterprises, trademarks are the wealth of enterprises, just like other properties. The trademark that has certain popularity as well, it is huge wealth even.Therefore, as a necessary image feature and intangible assets of modern enterprises, trademarks are increasingly valued by enterprises. Some enterprises secretly register some well-known brands as trademarks, is no doubt aimed at the "reputation" of these brands, is the hope that the reputation of these trademarks to their own earnings.

3. High quality goods will increase the popularity of their trademarks. High visibility, good reputation of the trademark will make the product's market competitiveness. Products are easy to be sold in large shopping malls or supermarkets, which can win the trust of consumers. The registration of a trademark empowers you to take legal action against counterfeiters.