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With the development of the Internet, more and more industries are developing rapidly, such as sharing bicycles and cars, etc. For the world, cross-border E-commerce is undoubtedly one of the biggest outlets in recent years, and more and more websites appear in the vision of consumers and retailers
Amazon, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is the world's largest E-commerce platform. According to similarweb.com, with more than 2 billion monthly traffic, amazon ranks 14th among all websites in the world, 4th among local websites in the United States, 1st among E-commerce websites, and top 100 among amazon sub-websites.

2. Ebay.com
The same E-commerce platform in the United States ranks slightly lower than Amazon, ranking the 32nd in the global website ranking, ranking the 2nd in the global E-commerce platform ranking, and ranking the 9th in the local website in the United States.Ebay was founded in 1998 in SAN jose, California. Ebay averages more than 1 billion monthly traffic, according to similarweb.com.

3. Taobao.com
Taobao is the largest E-commerce website of Alibaba group, which was founded in 2003. Although the market is only in China, it ranks the 3rd place in the global E-commerce platform, the 46th place in the world and the 7th place in the local website of China based on the huge traffic of over 800 million users every month.

4. Aliexpress.com
Ali group, the only global online trading electric business platform, as well as one of the most familiar domestic platform to cross-border electricity sellers, nicknamed "international version of Taobao, Amazon, Ebay and the world's three largest cross-border electric business platform, at present, more than 500 million monthly traffic rank 4th E-commerce sites and 47 of global rankings.

5. Tmall.com
Tmall mall is also a comprehensive E-commerce website under Ali group. Although it was later established, it quickly occupied the second position of domestic E-commerce website due to its 100% guaranteed quality and 7-day service of returning goods without any reason. Meanwhile, it ranks 7th among global E-commerce platforms (5th and 6th are Amazon's German and Japanese websites) and 67th among global websites. Monthly traffic exceeded 400 million.

6. Mercadolivre.com.br
Mecado is the largest B2C retail E-commerce platform in Brazil, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brazil has always been a popular market for cross-border E-commerce industry, and Mecado.com has gradually stabilized to the 11th position of e-commerce platform (8th place: Amazon UK, 9th place: Ebay UK, 10th place: Amazon India), ranking 102nd globally and 8th in Brazil. Monthly flow of more than 300 million.

7. Allegro( allegro.pl )
I believe many people are not very familiar with Allegro, and it is indeed the number one website of Poland's undisputed e-commerce platform, in Poland Amazon and Ebay have to rank second. Founded in 1999, the headquarters in poznan.The website also ranks the 12th in the global E-commerce platform ranking, ranking the 112th in the global website ranking, and the local website ranking the 5th in Poland. Believe to see these two simple data to be able to know how much traffic this website has.

8. Walmart.com
Wal-mart group, founded in 1969, Wal-mart as the world's biggest supermarket group, the development of E-commerce also be reckoned. Based on the global huge offline user base, its platform reaches the peak of on-line traffic, though growth slowed in recent years, but can still ranked 13th in the electric business platform place, 119 global rankings, local in the United States ranked 21st.

9. Flipkart(flipkart.com)
Flipkart was founded by two former amazon employees. After its establishment in 2007, Flipkart quickly occupied the first place of E-commerce website in India. Although the website ranked only 151 in the world and ranked 9th in India, it ranked 16th in the global E-commerce platform.

10. Etsy(etsy.com)
Etsy is probably one of the most successful vertical E-commerce platforms in the world. Founded in 2006, Etsy mainly focuses on handicrafts and currently ranks 17th in global E-commerce website traffic, but it ranks in the top ten in E-commerce platform ranking and 176 in global website ranking.

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