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For now, many entrepreneurs will first register the company before starting their business, it seems to have been common knowledge.

Mass entrepreneurship and innovation have been popular these years. For now, many entrepreneurs will first register the company before starting their business in China, it seems to have been common knowledge, but some entrepreneurs are still thinking whether it is necessary to register a company. Here we list 8 benefits of being a registered company.
1. It has legitimate business entities, which is also the mainstream of China's economic form, and enjoys the broader protection of national policies. After setting up a company, it can deal with government inspection in daily production and operation, so it can devote more attention to customers rather than fear inspection and running away from them.
2. It is necessary to have a certificate when cooperating with customers. The establishment of a company is obviously a prerequisite for the standardization and legalization of operations.Think about it. For the same price, under the same conditions, do people usually choose a well-qualified company as a partner or an individual with nothing? So we can understand that the establishment of a company to a certain extent has a great impact on the credit degree of the company and the credibility of entrepreneurs.
3. It is easier to create a company brand, the company registration not only has the qualification to apply for domestic trademarks,but also the company's brand building is mutual. Enterprises are the main body of brand stability. Enterprises with good reputation and strong strength can often build excellent brands, which each company expects most, and also the guarantee of every customer's confidence in brand cognition.
4. It is more convenient for financing , credit and bank loan. Owning a company is different. Good business scope can attract venture capital, large enterprise acquisition, etc., so as to cause rapid development.
5.Billing needs. In business dealings, billing is a step that cannot be skipped. In the past, you may have done small business without invoices or invoicing to buyers, so you could only move in this limited circle. It doesn't meet your developmental needs. But big business needs bill, this also is the direction that a regular business ought to head toward. A company can apply for and issue its own invoices. Additional, those who accord with certain condition, still can deduct tax.
6. Internet promotion of products and services. The global networked business environment requires entrepreneurs to have the network concept and implement the network marketing plan in line with the company's development. Nowadays, Tmall mall, alibaba, jingdong mall and other major e-commerce companies have the requirement of enterprise qualification. That is to say, you can't come in as an individual, you have to come with an enterprise. The ministry of industry and information technology to build network requirement becomes more and more rigorous. Build a business website must have company qualification. In other words, for entrepreneurs who want to achieve greater development, whether they are active or passive, starting a company will be the last choice.

7. Assume limited legal liability. Shareholders shall be liable for repayment of the company's debts to the limit of their capital contribution. For example, legal representative registers a company with registers capital to be 100 thousand. So the shareholders are limited to 100,000 to pay off the debt. If the operation effect is not satisfactory, the company can also apply for bankruptcy to the court. Finally it can reduce the shareholder management risk to the minimum. Unlike the self-employed, who have unlimited joint and several liability, it is not surprising that they and their families will suffer severe financial losses.
8. The company's legal representative can independently assume civil liability, carry out a variety of economic activities. Through the name of the company to exercise a variety of economic activities, corporate image, product (service) marketing plays an important role in promoting. As an independent legal person, they can invest in other types of companies and enjoy the rights and interests as legal shareholders.This is beyond the reach of individual businesses and ordinary enterprises.8 Benefits of Being a Registered Company