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There are many tourist cities you may not know and deserve you to appreciate its scenery and understand its charm.

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, if you want to travel to China, these places may be your first choice of cities, but China has a vast territory and is rich in resources. There are many tourist cities you may not know and deserve you to appreciate its scenery and understand its charm. Here we list some of China's best cities.

Yubeng, Yunnan Province.

Can not reach heaven, then go to Yubeng. It is known as a hiker's paradise, with pristine forests, glacial plateaux, waterfalls and streams, and stunning pristine beauty.

Glacial lake: 3800 meters above sea level, 1 hour away from Nongxiao base camp, the glacial lake is a frozen lake. The clear reflection of the glacial lake shines gold mountain, Which makes the lake look more sacred.

God lake: 5360 meters above sea level, the glacial lake is the place where Zang people turns to the lake every year. A guide is needed when you visit there since altitude sickness is common situation.

God Waterfall: God waterfall color changes as the season pass by. The glaciers melt in the spring and summer, making the waterfalls flow bigger. The waterfall in the rainy season is more spectacular.

Inner Mongolia
In addition to the Hulunbuir prairie in Inner Mongolia, as well as beautiful Enhe so far maintained a relatively primitive village landscape, with Russia is separated only by a river, this is China's only a Russian people of the township, the offspring of many Russians, you can see many Russia faces of villagers, speaking fluently DongBeiQiang, special lovely.The temperature will be around minus 30 degrees in winter. Those who are afraid of cold can choose to come in other seasons.

Root river, Inner Mongolia
Only after arriving here did I know that the coldest place in China is not Mo river, but Root river, with the lowest temperature of minus 58℃, and the scenery is picturesque all the year round. Root river wetland, known as "Asia's first wetland", the river minus 40℃ does not freeze, but also long grass! Root river is also the hometown of Aoluguya reindeer. The Ewenki hunters who live here have been living on reindeer for generations and are "the last hunting tribe in China". Root river wetland: Root river wetland is called "the first wetland in Asia", which is the best and largest wetland in China. You can see the wetland when you enter Erguna.

Pingshan valley, Hubei province
Hefeng Pingshan valley, clear to the bottom of the river, the boat line above especially like floating in the air, is completely the Chinese version of "Xianbena".This hidden paradise on the water, still retains its original appearance. Walk among them, as if in wonderland.


Xinghuagou, Xinjiang
Daxigou inside countless trickle-down into daxigou river, river twists and turns;Xinjiang apricot flower ditch, the largest primitive wild apricot forest, is one of the areas where xinjiang wild apricot forest is relatively concentrated.