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With the development of economy and the advent of the Internet era, big data and the Internet provide an unprecedented system support for human beings to make overall future decisions. The Times are changing and the society is developing. What are the hottest industries in 2019?

 Cloud Computing

Enterprises moving to the wind is an irresistable trend.
The growth of the public and private cloud markets is going hand in hand, not a zero-sum game
IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service): A diverse business ecosystem is increasingly important, such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft.
SaaS(Software as a Service): It is mainly on HR resources, OA(Office Automation), CRM(Customer Relationship Management), Marketing, B2B purchasing area of bulk commodities.
The cloud computing market is still in the development stage, and the market cake is becoming more and more attractive.

VR(Virtual Reality)

At present, the global virtual reality industry is still in its early stage after nearly a century of development. The supply chain and supporting facilities are still being explored.
The development prospect of virtual reality makes people imagine that it has a wide range of development and application space, such as games, movies, education, sports, interstellar exploration, medical treatment and so on.At present, all the major institutions are optimistic that virtual reality will achieve ultra-fast development in the next five years, and the outbreak is just around the corner.

 Mobile Internet industry

Entrepreneurs, businessmen and individual shopkeepers are involved in making money on the Internet.Since 2004, "net business" has been a new group of businessmen synonymous.This group has been growing for a long time and has created numerous business miracles.
Which industry in China will grow the fastest in the future?According to the report released by Credit Suisse, it may be E-commerce.Statistics show that the growth rate of e-commerce is 10 times that of China's GDP, and the growth rate of online retail sales is 100 percent per year.It is clear that the momentum is strong and irresistible.

Medical devices, medicines and health care products

The analysis points out that China's aging trend is accelerating, economic development and people's living standards improve, the demand for pharmaceutical products is increasing, the pharmaceutical industry has a certain growth.

Medical service

The medical service industry in 2016 was driven by the continuous decline in the prosperity of the drug industry and the changes in the formation mechanism of drug prices. Driven by hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and doctors' practice, public hospitals make use of private capital to activate stock assets to create incremental prices.The medical services business provides a new export for new technologies, and new technologies provide high value added items to the medical services business.
3D printing

After several years of investment in 3D printing, 3D printing technology has entered a new stage, but the application market still needs to break through.

Auto industry

Automobile sales are still the most important source of revenue for dealers. However, with the increasing competition in the market, the price war becomes more and more fierce, and the profit of automobile sales becomes less and less. Dealers have begun to make profit by after-sales service and other businesses, and the contribution rate of automobile sales to their revenue and profit has decreased.
Psychological Consultant

The fastest growing categories of counselors in the field are mental health counselors, mental health and substance abuse social workers, and marriage and family therapists.With the fierce social competition and the quickening pace of people's work, mental health problems have become one of the factors affecting people's physical and mental health and social stability.
In developed countries, there is one psychological counselor for every 1,000 people on average. If such a ratio of 1:1000, China needs at least 400,000 psychological counselors, while currently there are less than 3,000 people in China who have obtained psychological counseling qualification certificates.With the improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to mental health.

Online medical care

The rapid development of information technology has driven great reforms in various industries and brought great opportunities to the medical industry.
With the integration of big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and other fields with the Internet, new technologies and businesses are rapidly penetrating into various fields of medical care, and an intelligent era will be fully opened from prevention, diagnosis, treatment and drug purchase.

Health Manager

It is accurately defined as professionals engaged in the monitoring, analysis and assessment of individual or group health, as well as health counseling, guidance and risk factor intervention.
The state vigorously promotes the implementation of "health management project for the whole people", which is a huge project of serialization and digitization. It must be completed jointly by the state, the collective and individuals, and the specific work must be completed by health management teachers.At least 2 million professional health management professionals are needed, but at present, there are only about 100,000 professional health management personnel in China, and the talent gap is very large.