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Tax depressions are places with low tax rates that enjoy state-related tax benefits policy, so the relevant tax rates are very low. If the enterprise registers in these tax depressions, it can also enjoy some low tax rates. In this case, the enterprise's tax payment can be reduced, and the enterprise's profit maximization can be realized.
There are many places with low tax rates in China.The main purpose is to help enterprises avoid tax, and promote the development of local economy. Therefore, if you want to achieve reasonable tax reductions of enterprises, go directly to find a suitable tax depression, and then register the company. However, in this case, it is generally necessary to know where the places with low tax rates in China are, and only after knowing the basic tax policies can registered enterprises realize tax reductions.So where are the places with low tax rates in China?

There are many tax depressions places in China, and the emergence of these tax depressions has brought a lot of benefits, not only promoting the local economic development, but also promoting the development of the Chinese economy. It is understood that China's tax depression places is specific in the following places:
There is a good tax depression place in Yili Kazakh autonomous prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, which is Horgos. Horgos is the largest land port in China, and also a relatively good tax depression place in China. All enterprises set up in this place can enjoy relatively low tax rate, and the tax avoidance effect is also very good.Therefore, if an enterprise wants reasonable tax avoidance, it can directly set up in Horgos, a tax depression, and enjoy a low tax rate to achieve reasonable tax avoidance.
Tibet is also a very good tax depression, which is located in the western part of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Tibet is also a large area, and there are many policy supports in this region, so the tax avoidance effect is quite good. If you want to set up a business in a good tax depression, Tibet is also a good choice.The tax rate of enterprises registered in Tibet is also very low. Therefore, it can not only drive the development of Tibet, but also promote the reasonable tax avoidance of enterprises to a certain extent, making the development of enterprises better.
To sum up, there are many tax depressions places in China. The above two basic tax depressions are common and the tax reductions effect there is very good. Relevant tax avoidance effects are very good and can promote the reasonable development of enterprises.