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China has a winding coastline with numerous peninsulas. There are three main peninsulas, called Liaodong peninsula, Shandong peninsula and Leizhou peninsula in Guangdong province. China is a large country with a coastline of 18,000 kilometers, ranking fourth in the world. The continental shelf area is the fifth largest in the world, and the 200-mile exclusive economic zone is the tenth.so what are the big ports in China?

1. Zhoushan port, Ningbo.
 Ningbo port is one of the five largest ports in the world and the top three ports in China. Among them, Ningbo port is the largest port of cargo throughput in China and the third largest port of container throughput in China.The total area of the city is 9,365 square kilometers. It is located in the east of Zhejiang, south of Yangtze river delta, north of Hangzhou bay, west of Shaoxing, south of Taizhou, northeast of Zhoushan across the sea. Zhoushan, formerly known as Dinghai, known as the "east China sea fish warehouse" and "the motherland fishing capital" reputation, is a city-based islands of administrative divisions, located in the southeast coast of China. Zhoushan is the largest sea water production, processing and sales base in China. In 2016, the container throughput of Zhoushan port in Ningbo was 21.56 million teus.

2. Shanghai port
 Shanghai port is located at the front of the Yangtze river delta, in central China mainland coastline of 18000 kilometers, the conjugate of the Yangtze river estuary. It is situated in  the intersection of the east-to-west transport channel of the Yangtze river and the north-to-south transport channel of the sea. China is opening its door to the outside world and participates in the international economic circulation of important port. 99% of Shanghai's foreign trade materials pass through Shanghai port, and the annual foreign trade throughput accounts for about 20% of the country's major coastal ports. As a world famous port, Shanghai port in 2013 ranked first container throughput and second in cargo throughput, second only to Zhoushan port. 

3. Tianjin port
 Tianjin port, also known as Xingang (China), is located at the mouth of haihe river in Tianjin, at the intersection of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city cluster and the Bohai economic circle. It is a comprehensive port and foreign trade port in northern China.Tianjin port is the highest artificial deep water port in the world built by digging and filling the silt shoals. At present, the water depth of the main channel of Tianjin port has reached 21 meters, which can meet the requirements of 300,000-ton crude oil ships and the most advanced container ships in the world. On January 1, 2014, China's first manually excavated retrial waterway was officially opened to traffic in Tianjin port.

4. Guangzhou port
Guangzhou port is the largest comprehensive hub port in south China.Guangzhou has been the main port on the maritime silk road since the 1930s, and the largest port in China during the Tang and Song dynasties. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, Guangzhou became the only major port of foreign trade in China and has been prosperous for more than 2,000 years in the history of world maritime traffic.

5. Qingdao port
Qingdao port is located in Jiaozhou bay on the south bank of Shandong peninsula. It was founded in 1892 and has a history of 125 years. It is state-owned enterprises, China's second foreign trade million tons of swallowing big port. It is an important international trading port and maritime transport hub on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean.The harbor is wide and deep, open to navigation all year round. All ports and wharves are connected by railway, and the highway around Jiaozhou bay is connected with the Jiqing expressway. Besides attracting Shandong, the hinterland is also responsible for the external transport of North China.

6. Dalian port
Dalian port is located in Dalian bay at the southern end of Liaodong peninsula. It is a comprehensive foreign trade port in Northeast China with wide water depth, free from freezing in winter and unimpeded access to cargo ships of 10.000 tons. Dalian is the terminus of the Harbin and Dalian railway. Meanwhile, the total throughput of goods ranks the 10th in the world. Liangang group has established maritime economic and trade shipping relations with more than 160 countries and regions and more than 300 ports in the world, opened up 75 international container routes, and has become one of the main container sea-rail transport and sea transit ports in China.

7. Tangshan port
 Tangshan port is located in the southeast coast of Tangshan city, Hebei province. It is an important regional port in China's coastal areas. Hebei province, Beijing, north and northwest part of the economic development and opening up one of the important Windows;The important support of Tangshan's economic and social development;The important infrastructure and strategic resources of Caofeidian circular economy demonstration area and Tangshan harbor economic development zone.

8. Qinhuadao port
 Qinhuangdao port is located on the shore of Bohai sea, and it is the famous natural ice-free port in north China. It is the largest energy export port in the world, and an important hub port of China's "coal transportation from north to south". It is responsible for the coal supply of "eight provinces and one city" in the south of China.The completion of the third phase of Qinhuangdao port coal wharf project has made qinhuangdao port the largest energy export port in the world, and also a comprehensive port of coal and oil export in China.

9. Yingkou port
Yingkou port is an important comprehensive main hub port in China. It is the nearest port of departure in northeast China and eastern Inner Mongolia, the largest cargo transportation port in northeast China, and the core port of Liaodong bay economic zone.Yingkou port is operated by Yingkou port affairs co., LTD., under the jurisdiction of Yingkou port area, Bayuquan port area, Xianren island port area, Panjin port area, Haiyang red port area, Suizhong Shihe port area and Huludao liutiaogou port area. Yingkou port has established shipping business relations with more than 140 ports in more than 50 countries and regions.

10.  Shenzhen port
Shenzhen port is located in the southern part of the pearl river delta of Guangdong province, east of the Lingdingyang estuary of the pearl river, which is adjacent to Hong Kong.The world's famous ports, the city's 260 kilometers of coastline is divided into Kowloon Peninsula east and west most. The western port area is located at the east coast of Lingdingyang, the mouth of the pearl river estuary. The water depth is broad and the natural barrier is good. It is 20 nautical miles from Hong Kong in the south and 60 nautical miles from Guangzhou in the north.The eastern port area is located in Dapeng bay, with a water depth of 12 to 14 meters, open sea and calm seas. It is an excellent natural harbor in south China.