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As one of the financial institutions after the development of currency to a certain stage, Banks are classified into central bank, commercial bank, investment bank, policy bank and world bank. Here we summarize the top 10 Banks in the world.
NO. 10  Bank of America
Bank of America is the largest commercial bank in the United States by assets.Founded in 1784 by the bank of Massachusetts, it is the second oldest bank in the United States.The assets of US Banks are $2,2812 trillion, ranking the 60th among the fortune global 500 in 2018.

NO. 9 BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas is Europe's premier global banking and financial services institution with operations in more than 85 countries.BNP Paribas has assets of $2.3509 trillion, ranking 44th among the fortune global 500 in 2018.


NO. 8 China development bankbr /> China development bank (CDB) is a policy bank under the leadership of the state council. CDB has assets of us $2,4508 trillion and nearly 9,000 employees.Its subsidiaries include CDB Capital, CDB securities, CDB leasing and China-Africa fund.

NO. 7  HSBC Holdings
The Hong Kong and Shanghai banking corporation limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HSBC holdings limited. It is a founding member of the HSBC group and the flagship in the Asia-Pacific region. It is now the largest registered bank in Hong Kong.With assets of $2,5217 trillion, HSBC ranked 90th among the fortune global 500 in 2018.

NO. 6 J.P.Morgan Chasee
J. P. Morgan chasee group, headquartered in New York, US, the total assets of $2.5 trillion, total deposits of $1.5 trillion, accounts for a quarter of the deposits in the United States. It has more than 6000 branches, one of the largest financial services business in more than 60 countries, ranking 90th among the fortune global 500 in 2018.

NO.5 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
Japan's largest commercial bank. It was formed in April 1995 by the merger of the bank of Tokyo, a specialist foreign exchange bank of Japan, and it is one of Japan's large metropolitan Banks. MUFG has assets of us $2,8152 trillion, ranking 177th among the fortune global 500 in 2018.

NO. 4 BOC( Bank of China)
Bank of China is the oldest bank in China with branches in 54 countries and regions. BOC banking assets are $2.9896 trillion, ranking 46th among the fortune global 500 in 2018.

NO.3 ABC( Agricultural Bank of China)
Agricultural bank of China, founded in 1951, is a large state-owned bank.Agricultural bank of China has assets of $3,2332bn, the only three global Banks with more than $3,000bn.The fortune 500 ranked 40th in 2018.

NO.2 CCB (China Construction Bank)
China construction bank was founded on October 1, 1954. It is one of the four largest Banks in China.China construction bank has assets of us $3.3976 trillion, ranking 31st on the fortune global 500 list in 2018.

NO.1 ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)
Founded on January 1, 1984, ICBC has the largest number of customers in China and is one of the largest commercial Banks in China. For three consecutive years, it has topped the banker's list of the world's 1000 largest Banks and Forbes' list of the world's 2000 largest companies.Industrial and commercial bank of China, with $4,0062 trillion in assets, is the first (and currently the only) bank to exceed $4 trillion. It Ranked 26th in the 2018 fortune global 500.

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