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According to the total economic volume of 2018, the latest list of China's top 10 wealthy cities shows that two of the top 10 cities have an economic volume of more than 10 trillion yuan.What a joy! So let's see China's TOP 10 Richest Cities in 2019
NO1. Beijing

As the capital city, Beijing's economic population has exceeded 10 trillion yuan, reaching the level of 15.7 trillion yuan. The growth rate of Beijing is also very fast. Therefore, in this city with the largest population in China, there are a lot of opportunities and people from all over the world. In addition, Beijing is also a very suitable city for tourism, with a lot of cultural relics and tourist attractions. Those who have the opportunity can go and have a look.

NO2. Shanghai
The total capital of 2018 is also a city that can surpass 10 trillion, reaching 12.1 trillion, which can be said to be a head city with Beijing. Shanghai has the largest port, yangshan port, among which its trade economy development is booming, as well as the development of the financial industry, making Shanghai a modern city. Its future can not be estimated !

NO.3 Shenzhen
In 2018, Shenzhen amounts to 7.2 trillion. Although there is a little distance away from the 10 trillion club, but with the development of Shenzhen speed, it should be in the next 2-3 years can into the 10 trillion club, as a special economic zone, also the innovation capital of Guangdong, Shenzhen can represent the south of the latest business model. It is really changing now!

NO.4 Guangzhou
The total capital of Guangzhou in 2018 is 5.4 trillion yuan. As the provincial capital of Guangdong, Guangzhou is an old commercial center with many cultural and economic connections. From ancient times to the present, Guangzhou is the south gate of the country and a very important hub.There is a very industrial manufacturing base here.

NO. 5 Hangzhou
Hangzhou’s total capital amount is in the fifth, with its GDP only ranking tenth in China's top 40 city, but the amount of capital is much higher than their cities like Chongqing, Tianjin, Suzhou.There is one of the biggest Internet company Alibaba. We sincerely believe that there will be a new story in this city.

NO.6 Chengdu
The total capital of chengdu in 2018 is more than 3.5 trillion yuan. Chengdu is famous for its delicious food, beautiful women and beautiful scenery, and its business is second to none among western cities.Here also comes out a lot of high and new technology area, chengdu is worth the favor of future!

NO.7 Chongqing
The capital amount of Chongqing in 2018 is more than 3.5 trillion yuan, which is very close to Chengdu. These two cities are both in Sichuan andChongqing region, which can be said to be very hot.

NO.8 Nanjing
Nanjing, the eighth largest city with a total capital of more than 3 trillion yuan, is also a city with strong culture and rapid development.The main industries here are industry and tourism, driving the development and progress of the city!

NO.9 Tianjin
Ranked ninth, Tianjin, whose total capital exceeds the threshold of 3 trillion yuan, is a Bohai economic zone with many large ports, which has convenient transportation and makes the development of commerce more convenient.


NO.10 Suzhou
Suzhou has a capital volume of 2.85 trillion yuan in 2018, which is still a little away from 3 trillion yuan. However, as a city with cultural characteristics, Suzhou has also started to develop new economy on the basis of cultural tourism, which will make Suzhou run faster in the future.

This is the top ten cities in capital volume in 2018, followed by Wuhan, xi 'an, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou, Jinan, Qingdao and other cities. These cities are also developing rapidly and may surpass the previous cities.Maybe next year, there will be a new top ten city list.
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