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State Bureau of Market Supervision and Administration made an introduction to the overall investment situation. It is acknowledged that the realization of business recordsand industrial and commercial registration is pursuing a “One form, One pass” way. The procedures and environment for foreign investment will be further simplified and optimized. Experts believe this reflects the shift in attracting foreign investment from preferential policies to more environmental improvements, which helps China build a open economy at a higher level.
“One Pass” for Foreign-funded Examination and Approval
After China launched a new round of measures to open to the outside world, the enthusiasm of foreign investment has increased significantly. Take the financial field as an example, the head office of the Jordanian Arab Bank decided to set up a Shanghai branch;Nomura holding Company of Japan submitted the application materials for the establishment of a foreign-invested securities company; the headquarters of the German Allianz Insurance Group decided to set up Allianz (China) Insurance Group in Shanghai;  and J.P. Morgan went to the CSRC to submit an application for the establishment of a joint venture
Great importance has been attached on attracting foreign investment in developed countries like US and Europe and developing countries in Southeast Asia. The international competition is becoming increasingly fierce. It is undoubtedly necessary for China to further simplify administration, improve efficiency and reduce the institutional cost of foreign business coming to China on the basis of previous experience.
In the future, for foreign-funded enterprises, they will find market opportunities in China. When they come to China, the whole registration procedure will be very simple. When they are set up, they will be able to run their business easily and perform a big show in the Chinese market.
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