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Nowadays, many foreigners are moving to China and settling down there. Under the background of globalization, many foreigners have entered China and become foreign immigrants in China.

China's economy has undergone a spectacular transformation from a shortage economy to a trading power, and the reform and opening-up measures are being and will continue to be launched.

For a company that is preparing to start a business or is starting a business, many aspects need to be carefully planned and considered. Trademark is also an important factor that cannot be ignored in...

Trademark is the symbol of an enterprise and also reflects the culture of an enterprise. It represents the image of an enterprise. The trademarks can make your business reputation, corporate image to ...

For now, many entrepreneurs will first register the company before starting their business, it seems to have been common knowledge.

It is not a simple thing to immigrate to China. Only when certain conditions are met and China plays a constructive role can we immigrate.

What are the top ten largest supermarkets in the world?Today we list the top 10 chain supermarket in the world. Let us take a look.

At the 2019 Mobile World Congress, which kicked off on June 26, CCTV achieved China's first 8K ultra-high-definition TV program 5G remote transmission, with smooth transmission speed and precise pictu...

The WTO recently announced the import and export volume growth of all countries in 2018.

There are many tourist cities you may not know and deserve you to appreciate its scenery and understand its charm.